[mythtv-users] Sony 200 disc changer

Jeremy Palenchar jeremy at palenchar.net
Thu Jan 15 17:24:11 UTC 2009

I have three of these waiting in the wings to bring online for my DVD


Please do update the Wiki with this information and try to get the scripts
added to SVN in the contrib. folder.






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I finally received my 10 meter firewire cable and have my XL1B1 hooked up
(http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Sony_XL1B2). According to the wiki
there are patches for MythVideo to get some sort of support for it. Does
anyone have these patches? They don't appear to have ever been submitted to

If not, anyone know how I should start to implement or who has one of these
and would like to lend a hand? Looks like I need to run a command to scan
the DVD inventory, put what I find in the database, do a bulk imdb lookup of
all entries and instead of playing a file when selected, I need to issue a
load command with the appropriate slot number, then play the dvd in
/dev/dvdX. Then I also need a way to do an update scan when I add more discs
to the jukebox. Doesn't sound too hard. :)




With the help of Will (who wrote the original wiki article) adding some
scripts to the wiki, I used some of my free time (took about 4-5 hours
total) today to get this working. I modified his shell scripts and wrote my
own perl script which:


1. Sets the changer to a known good initial state (empty changer if loaded)

2. Takes inventory on the changer to see which slots are full.

3. Loads each disc and mounts it to get the actual disc name.

4. Writes a stub file (with the name of the disc) that contains a shell
script to display a "loading..." message on screen, tells the changer which
disc to load (unloads any loaded disc) and plays it with mplayer (didn't
know how to get this to work correctly with the Internal player)


Once inventory is taken and I have a directory of .stub files, I went into
MythVideo>File Types and told it to look for .stub files and to use the "sh"
command to play them back - so basically instead of playing back, it
executes my script in step 4 above.

Using the Video Manager, I looked up metadata for each disc based on the
name of the stub file.


Now I have a separate directory in MythVideo that contains all the discs
that are loaded in my 200DVD disc changer and can play them back whenever I
please by browsing the movies in MythVideo just like my ripped videos.


I haven't updated the wiki because I need to take out the hard-coding I did
like location of the stub files, device names of my disc changer/dvd drive
is mounts as, etc. No one had even asked Will about this device in a few
years and Sony doesn't offer it any more, I don't see the point in going
through all that work.


If you would like the scripts as they are please email me and I'll send them
off, but you're on your own as far as "support" goes.




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