[mythtv-users] long delays responding to keystrokes and ir events

jarpublic at gmail.com jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 17:32:12 UTC 2009

> Are you (both those with the issue and those for whom the issue has
> cleared up) running gnome-screensaver?
> With r19222, we only run gnome-screensaver-command once every 30 seconds
> at most and only if gnome-screensaver is running (with prior versions,
> we attempted to run it on every remote keypress--whether
> gnome-screensaver was running or not) and it seems that either the
> buildup of system calls or gnome-screensaver-command itself caused the
> issue.  So--if it's just gnome-screensaver-command causing the
> problem--you could still get the delay once every 30 seconds or so, but
> only if you're running gnome-screensaver.
I am running in xfce so I was going to answer no, but I checked with pgrep
and I am running gnome-screensaver. What does it do anyway? Is it what does
the screen blanking when when the machine is idle? If so I can just stop
using it.

> > Check mythbackend --version and in the Status menu of mythfrontend to
> > ensure you are actually using the latest build.
> Good advice.  It is >19222, right?

The backend and frontend both report build 19538. There is a possibility
that the frontend hadn't been restarted after I updated last night though. I
may have still been using the old frontend. I will have to double check that
tonight to confirm that I am still having issues with the newer build.
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