[mythtv-users] rsync deleted source and destination while moving recordings to a new drive

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Fri Feb 20 10:11:33 UTC 2009

jarpublic at gmail.com wrote:
> My understanding (or I should 
> say my misunderstanding from my quick read of the man page) was that 
> this would delete files from the source after they had been synced to 
> the destination. Either I made a syntax mistake or as I suspect from 
> rereading the man page, the --del will remove a file from both the 
> source and the destination.

I believe --del means delete any files from target directory that
aren't present in the source directory, so unless you'd cleaned
out the source, I'm surprised you lost files from the target.
(Sorry, I realise this doesn't help really).


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