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Mitch Gore mitchell.gore at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 22:54:50 UTC 2009

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 4:35 PM, Stackpole, Chris
<CStackpole at barbnet.com> wrote:
> Disclaimer: Sorry if this subject strays a bit Off Topic. I know it
> isn't 100% Myth related but if I can use this as a new HD frontend for
> my MythTV setup, I just might buy one soon. Just want to quiz the Myth
> community a bit.
> Recently, my main Ubuntu gaming computer broke (bad MB). Yes! Linux
> gaming! I know it isn't the norm but I actually like and prefer a lot of
> the games in the Ubuntu repo's...
> Anyway, I had been looking at doing an upgrade to that system for a
> while and I have been keeping my eye on news circulating around the EVO
> Smart Console [1]. There are several reasons why it caught my eye. From
> the fact it is open source to the fact that they advertise full support
> of several open source games I play already to the
> they-do-the-updates-and-I-don't-have-to-worry-about-broken-packages-and-
> video-drivers aspects of the gaming. So I started digging in the specs a
> bit more and found this [2]. It can record and playback 1080p content! I
> know it is 'expensive' at 700$ but if I can get the gaming console I
> want AND replace my aging MythTV-SD-only frontend with one of these,
> 700$ isn't so bad. Even if I don't add this as a slave-backend to record
> HD content with, I should be able to use this as my primary "live TV"
> experience right?
> So my question (and reason for posting) is this, has anyone looked at
> these in the Myth community? I did a few Google searches and found
> people wondering and speculating about it, but I have not found anyone
> who has said 'Yes. I have tried and it does/doesn't work well with
> MythTV'. You can get either the Fedora installation or their EVO Mirrors
> version of Linux. I don't know if the Mirrors will work with Myth, but I
> think it is a fair assumption the Fedora version should, correct?
> If anyone does have one, how happy are you with it? Have you tried Myth
> backend/frontend with it? How well does it handle games? It is my
> understanding that they have open source games and paid-for games, how
> many (are they advertising just the few they have or are there as many
> as there are in the Ubuntu repos?)? Is the quality good on the paid-for
> games? How quiet is the device? How user friendly is it?
> I wonder if their rebate[3] service discount (upto 350$ back) would work
> for people who are looking to actively develop/maintain/test MythTV on
> it...
> Just curious.
> Thanks!
> ~Stack~
> [1]http://www.evosmartconsole.com
> [2]http://www.evosmartconsole.com/specs3.html
> [3]http://www.evosmartconsole.com/rebate.html
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im sure it would work, looks like a standard PC.  But really $700?
You could build or buy a prebuilt PC that is much more capable and
install MythDora, MythBuntu and save a few hundred dollars.

my 2 cents


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