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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 08:40:22 UTC 2009

On 06/02/2009, Sam Bruner <sabruner3 at juno.com> wrote:
> On 05/02/2009, Sam Bruner <sabruner3 at juno.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> > I have a low cpu power system and was planning on using a DTV converter
> box
> > to caputure digital signals because it will convert them to analog.  I
> > purchased a homebrew ir receiver and a separate ir transmitter.  I have
> two
> > different set top boxes and both are having the same problem.
> What type of homebrew IR receiver - serial?
> > I have a access HD and a Magnavox.  I was able to use irrecord to create a
> > lircd.conf, however in both cases I have not been able to get either to
> > work.  I have tried frequencies from 30,000 to 60000 incrementing them
> 1000
> > at a time I used killall -HUO lircd to restart lircd and reread the config
> > file after each change.
> >
> > Nothing is working.  I am really going crazy.
> Try recording the remotes using one of the predefined 'generic' header
> files and see if that helps. The RC-5 one would be my preferred
> starting point. If using one of these header files, do not use raw
> mode.
> Also note that the majority of existing LIRC configs for 'standard'
> consumer IR remotes use a frequency of 38,000Hz.

> How do I do this.  I used irrecord and it appeared to generate a working
> lircd.conf.  irw responded when I pressed buttons.

If irw responds to all keys, you have LIRC config that is at least
good enough for the receiver you are testing it against. You didn't
state what type of receiver/transmitter you are using though, as some
may not be able to transmit the full range of protocols supports by
LIRC; or whether you ran irrecord in raw mode or against a protocol
header file. If you are using serial receiver/transmitter, you should
be OK as these are extremely flexible in what they can send and

Once you have loaded the modules for your IR transmitter, you need to
test irsend with the lircd.conf file you created and the LIRC device
for the transmitter. You should check your syslog for any errors
during this. You need to place the transmitter very close to the STB
in order for the IR transmissions to be detected. If you look at the
transmitter whilst it is sending through a digital or video camera,
you may be able to see the IR pulses.

> This is a set top box.  Don't they generally have different frequencies?

Many remotes tend to use the 38kHz carrier frequency, but there are
other popular frequencies, particularly located between 36-40kHz and

Finally, your email client appears to have messed up attributions,
indenting and lost the message threading information...


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