[mythtv-users] Automating the removal of SD/HD duplicates

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Dec 29 00:29:29 UTC 2009

On 12/28/2009 07:07 PM, mythtv a notleyc wrote:
> I've recently added a HVR-4000 card to my master backend (in addition 
> to an existing Nova 500T card).  Following some previous posts on the 
> list I've taken the approach of using the freesat numbering scheme 
> with 1000 added (e.g. BBC1 1101, etc.), which seems to be working 
> quite well.
> I have an existing power search defined that previously looked for a 
> bunch of programs scheduled on callsigns 'BBC ONE' or 'BBC TWO', which 
> I've now modified to include 'BBC HD', which is working well.  The 
> only slight hitch is programs that are simultaneously broadcast on BBC 
> 1 & HD - I'm matching both at the moment.
>   I can obviously manually fix this in Mythweb by clicking 'Don't 
> Record' on the SD episode, but I'd like to create a script that looks 
> for duplicates of this nature and run it through cron.
> Finding the matching programs is straightforward; however I'm not 
> entirely sure how to skip the recording.  Having done a bit of 
> trawling, I think the 'Don't Record' option in Mythweb creates a new 
> entry in the 'recordmatch' table with a 'type' of 8.  Before I write 
> my own script to do the same, I was wondering if anyone knew if there 
> was an existing myth command (either a network command or something in 
> the MythTV.pm module) that could skip a particular instance of a 
> custom recording?
> Cheers in advance for any pointers.

That's a known bug in the scheduler that still needs finding and 
fixing.  It only occurs when the 2 "identical" channels have different 

If the channels always air identical content, your best bet is to just 
change the callsigns to be identical.  If not, MythWeb's Don't Record is 
the way to go.  You could automate it through an ugly hack of a script 
that uses wget or curl or even Perl or Python's HTTP modules/support to 
just send the Don't Record command to MythWeb.


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