[mythtv-users] Myth with Dish Network / DirectTV ?

Alan Young ayoung at teleport.com
Thu Dec 17 01:07:25 UTC 2009

Russ Van Winkle wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>   It seems like I don't see much discussion here about using Myth
>> with Dish Network or Direct TV. I assume there must be some users out
>> there and this is directed toward them.
> <snip>
>>From the DirecTV customer perspective:

And another DirecTV perspective....

For a few years, I've had a D11-100 SD box and I've captured via S-Video
and analog audio with a PVR-250 card.  It's worked well.  I also handle
channel changing via a serial to USB cable.

We changed to a HR20-100 HD box in 2007.  SD capture with this box is also 
good.  I've been trying to get HD capture with the component outputs and a 
HD-PVR to work.  Up til recently its worked well.  When it does work (see 
other threads...), it works well and the capture is sharp and the sound is nice.

The only other problem I have had is like the other poster mentioned.
Sometimes the weather messes the signal up.  I think that can happen
to both (all?) satellite providers.

> (*The only issue I had was related to WAF:  my wife would pick up the
> remote to find out why the receiver had changed channels, putting the
> OSD up over the recording, and sometimes switching the channel back.
> Since I was only in testing mode I couldn't complain much about this.
> In production, I would have either used the option in the directv.pl
> script to supress the info button, or, ideally, put the receiver in
> the closet with a backend and used a separate frontend machine.  We're
> now switching to OTA-only so the point has become moot.)

I seem to recall there's a sequence you can send the box over the serial/USB
port that locks out the remote and the front panel controls.   I haven't had 
to use that, I have the HR20 box directly behind the LCD TV. :)


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