[mythtv-users] Installing mythbuntu with myth 22 using latest nvidia drivers

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 16:38:44 UTC 2009

> Thanks guys for both of your replies.
> Are you saying it would be better to install *Just* Ubuntu 9.10
> And use  avenard repo for all of myth and nvidia ?

No you don't need to do that. Mythbuntu is not a separate
distribution. It is just a set of packages the supplement Ubuntu. You
can install Ubuntu and then install the Mythbuntu packages, and you
get the same as installing mythbuntu from scratch. Also Jean-Yves
follows the mythbuntu packages. He just adds in one or two patches
(submitted for .23) for some audio stuff, and he packages them a
little differently than mythbuntu to allow you to install
nvidia-drivers independently from mythtv. I was just making you aware
of the fact that when you go to install the nvidia drivers from
Jean-Yves repository it will upgrade you mythtv packages to those from
Jean-Yves repository. Your mythbuntu system will still look and behave
exactly the same to you. Read his notes here:

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