[mythtv-users] Solved: Re: Fox HD specifications was: Playback issues with 0.22 + 5.1 audio only for the show House (HD), plays too fast?

Alan Marchiori alan at alanmarian.com
Mon Dec 7 22:04:28 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 11:29 AM,  <backuppc at sundquist.imapmail.org> wrote:
> Tom said:
>> I record FOX (WUTV Buffalo) OTA with an HDHR, and I usually have
>> issues, not with audio, but something with the frame rate is screwy, I
>> think. For Fringe, it always shows the length as double what it should
>> be, and skipping is troublesome. For Family Guy and American Dad, the
>> length is correct, but skipping is also hit or miss. I don't usually
>> notice any issues with House. Not sure what the problem might be, or
>> if it is even related to yours, and it is more of an annoyance than
>> anything, but it is still an issue.
> I also record WUTV Buffalo, using either a pchdtv 5500 (primary) or HDHR
> (secondary), usually sports but also others, and have never had any
> problem with the recordings.
> Since it is mainly sports that I record from FOX, the programs usually
> aren't commflagged yet (at least I assume they are not) since I watch
> them soon after they are recorded (or else I'd already knew who won!).
> Also, Simpsons get recorded each week from FOX without any hitches.
> Jon S.

Thanks to everyone the contributed.  I didn't find the true cause of
the problem but, I switched over to JYA's 0.22+fixes with nvidia-195
and the problem I was having went away.  (was running a stock
mythbuntu 9.10 (myth 0.22)).

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