[mythtv-users] Somewhat OT: Comcast takeover of NBC Universal

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Dec 5 00:17:52 UTC 2009

On Friday 04 December 2009 04:59:02 pm greg wrote:
> Brian Wood wrote:
> > On Friday 04 December 2009 04:22:51 pm Aaron wrote:
> >> We have always been NBC watchers, but in reality lately we've had to
> >
> > start
> >
> >> watching other channels due to NBC just sucking hard...  They've had 
> >>  many good shows that they just screw up, or cancel way too early.
> >>
> >> This latest thing with Jay Leno is crappy as well, I like Jay, but
> >> common.... enough with the talk shows already.
> >
> > They are cheap to produce. Not as cheap as "Reality Shows" (where the
> > performers show up for free), but a LOT cheaper than dramas or 
> > and especially good quality documentaries.
> >
> > NBC has gone from #1 to dead last, but the networks always seem to 
> > up and down a lot.
> >
> > Comcast won't help things, they make G.E. (self-admitted felons) look
> > good by comparison.
> >
> > The Comcast takeover of NBC is not in best interests of the public, who
> > supposedly own the airwaves they make their profits from.
> >
> > But money talks in the USA, and nothing any of us can do will change
> > that.
> >
> > Let me get this straight: If I were to be convicted of even a minor
> > felony I would be unable to own a firearm, but G.E. admits to multiple
> > major felonies, and is permitted to make (and thus to own) nuclear
> > weapons.
> >
> > Huh?
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> It's a good deal for GE and it's stock holders (as I am)..Jack Welsh
> bought NBC from RCA for 3 billion and is selling it for 13.5
> billion...Not a bad deal.. I am sure you know GE owned NBC,back in the
> earlier years of television,they sold it off when they off loaded their
> cable business ( I think that was cablevision).. Yeah, They have pulled
> some shady deals,but name one company who don't push the envelope... 
> worked for them for many years...Overall a good company to work for..

The plants in upstate NY are not too bad (other than poisoning the river and 
trying to get the taxpayers to clean it up).

You're right, any large US company has its faults.

> I will admit that the programing is in the toilet..I can't think of even
> one program i watch on NBC...

Likewise, but I don't watch ABC either, and the only show I watch ob CBS is 
the Evening News, and occasionally 60 Minutes.

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