[mythtv-users] Implementing HD-PVR IR Blaster

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Wed Dec 2 02:43:00 UTC 2009

On 12/01/2009 10:28 AM, Bobby Schwartz wrote:
>>>> If you boot the live image, and the hdpvr is connected and powered
>> on,
>>>> its driver should auto-load, but you'll still have to manually
>>> modprobe
>>>> lirc_zilog. After you do that, take a look at dmesg to see if
>>>> lirc_zilog claims to have found anything.
>>> Well I got around to this yesterday.  I did have to manually
> modprobe
>>> lirc_zilog.  It puked on the screen.  See /var/log/messages excerpt
>>> below.  I tried first loading the module THEN connecting USB and
> also
>>> connecting USB then loading the module.  Both resulted in the same
>>> error.  It appears that lirc_zilog finds the chip but errors trying
>> to
>>> request IR blaster firmware.  I installed the PVR on a Windows
> system
>> to
>>> update its firmware but I've never used the IR blaster in Windows.
>>> Something definitely seems to be missing from the Ubuntu side,
>> however
>>> the Fedora side isn't working either.
>> ...
>>> Nov 29 22:59:16 localhost kernel: Zilog/Hauppauge i2c IR 6-0071:
>>> firmware: requesting haup-ir-blaster.bin
>>> Nov 29 22:59:17 localhost kernel: lirc_zilog: firmware
>>> haup-ir-blaster.bin not available (-2)
>> Yeah, you're missing /lib/firmware/haup-ir-blaster.bin, has to be
>> manually added to the system. Forgot to explicitly mention that part,
>> sorry. Google knows where to find it.
> I retrieved the firmware last night.  I'm back in Ubuntu land now.
> Fedora was able to pick up the zilog chip but Ubuntu still doesn't.  The
> zilog module initializes then it just kinda sits there and looks at me.
> I picked apart the HD-PVR V4L and Lirc drivers trying to find what's
> broken.  It looks like the ir_probe() method in lirc_zilog.c never runs.
> Conversely by watching dmesg I can see it runs after the init method in
> Fedora.  As best I can tell something deeper in lirc is responsible for
> calling that.  I'm not sure where to look next.

I can't rightly recall... What exactly are you running for a kernel, an 
hdpvr driver and an lirc_zilog driver? Daniel K. has this working on an 
Ubuntu system, and you've now proven that it works with your hardware 
under Fedora. So it seems you're probably missing a patch to either the 
hdpvr driver or the lirc_zilog driver.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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