[mythtv-users] Implementing HD-PVR IR Blaster

Bobby Schwartz rschwartz at lastar.com
Wed Dec 2 13:58:08 UTC 2009

> > I retrieved the firmware last night.  I'm back in Ubuntu land now.
> > Fedora was able to pick up the zilog chip but Ubuntu still doesn't.
> The
> > zilog module initializes then it just kinda sits there and looks at
> me.
> > I picked apart the HD-PVR V4L and Lirc drivers trying to find what's
> > broken.  It looks like the ir_probe() method in lirc_zilog.c never
> runs.
> > Conversely by watching dmesg I can see it runs after the init method
> in
> > Fedora.  As best I can tell something deeper in lirc is responsible
> for
> > calling that.  I'm not sure where to look next.
> I can't rightly recall... What exactly are you running for a kernel,
> hdpvr driver and an lirc_zilog driver? Daniel K. has this working on
> Ubuntu system, and you've now proven that it works with your hardware
> under Fedora. So it seems you're probably missing a patch to either
> hdpvr driver or the lirc_zilog driver.

I'm running the stock Mythbuntu Kernel 2.6.31.  For the HDPVR I
downloaded V4L trunk from Hg and applied your patch to it.  For lirc I
pulled down the patched bits from your git tree.  If you can't think of
anything else to check I'll try to find a box I can cleanly install on.
If it's not the drivers/patches it could be something about my install.

I also extracted the drivers' source from Fedora and diff'd them against
my source.  Aside from some refactoring I wasn't able to find anything
obvious that's missing.

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