[mythtv-users] USB LIRC receivers

Robert RobertCL at iname.com
Wed Sep 24 17:25:28 UTC 2008

Shanon Swafford wrote:
>> Yan Seiner wrote:
>>> Can anyone recommend a USB receiver and remote that works 
>> with myth+lirc?
>> I use the Microsoft MCE USB receiver and it works really well.  It has 
>> great range.  LIRC comes with a config file for it already.  
>> Plug it in, 
>> copy the config file from the examples directory and it just works.
>> Michael
> Is it possible to toss the Microsoft remote and use a universal remote with
> their IR receiver?  Is it the Microsoft IR receiver limited to any certain
> IR protocol (RC-5, etc)?
> I have an "Atlas DVR (day) 1055" that is the bomb for buttons, but I just
> can't get it to work with my Pinnacle 800i's receiver with the Aux device.
> Has anybody tried these?
> http://cgi.ebay.com/HTPC-MCE-Wireless-Remote-Control-Mice-USB-IR-Receiver-B_
> W0QQitemZ280268700058QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item280268700058&_trkparms=72%3A120
> 9%7C39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

I bought one that looks very similar (same buttons, but it's grey).

It's sh*t.

It presents ittself as a USB keyboard and a USB mouse.  That big 
circular "button" that I assumed would do left/right and up/down is the 
"mouse" and I can't for the life in me get any of the buttons to do 
anything I want them to do in Myth - mainly because they just map to 
keypresses and the keypresses they do map to I can't succesfully map to 
anything in Myth.  The "ok" button is a mouse click, left and right 
buttons just under the big circle are the left and right mouse buttons, 
so I can't map any of these to "enter" of anything useful.  Even if I 
could, I don't have up/down/left/right to navigate the myth menus and 
the I don't want to use the "mouse" to try and move a pointer I can't 
see from across the room to try and click!  GRrrrr.

(rant over)

Thankfull it was cheap though, so not too much money wasted.


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