[mythtv-users] USB LIRC receivers

mythtv at blandford.net mythtv at blandford.net
Wed Sep 24 16:29:46 UTC 2008

Shanon Swafford wrote:
>> Yan Seiner wrote:
>>> Can anyone recommend a USB receiver and remote that works 
>> with myth+lirc?
>> I use the Microsoft MCE USB receiver and it works really well.  It has 
>> great range.  LIRC comes with a config file for it already.  
>> Plug it in, 
>> copy the config file from the examples directory and it just works.
>> Michael
> Is it possible to toss the Microsoft remote and use a universal remote with
> their IR receiver?  Is it the Microsoft IR receiver limited to any certain
> IR protocol (RC-5, etc)?

I do not use the microsoft remote.  I have a harmony 880 remote that 
talks to it just fine - so you can definitely use other remotes.  That 
said, I don't really know the specs of what remotes you could use.

One nice feature about the MCE receiver is it supports waking from the 
remote.  My frontend is configured to go to sleep when the power button 
is pressed on the remote ( or case ).  The receiver can send the right 
signals to the motherboard to wake the box back up - so effectively I 
have power on/off as well.  That is a really nice feature.


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