[mythtv-users] Xbox front-end advice please

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Mon Oct 6 20:37:42 UTC 2008

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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Xbox front-end advice please
> Just about to start getting the bits I need to build a Xbox  
> frontend.  Have found a couple of HOWTOs but any advise would be  
> appreciated.  I use Ubuntu on my server so I would like to use a  
> Ubuntu bast distro for the frontend or failing that a Debian one.   
> Key thing is that I need like to keep the version numbers in sync  
> and would rather not  compile from source.  I have a few questions:-
> Which HOWTO do people recommend?
> Do I need a modded Xbox, if so what should I be looking/asking for?
> Is any pre 360 Xbox OK or do I need to look for certain versions?
> Do I need to use a keyboard adapter or can I do a net install with a  
> USB Wireless adapter, if so what ones should wold?

As others have said, unless you really want to re-use an Xbox you  
already have, don't go there. Slow, big, noisy. I'd try to pick up a  
used AppleTV or build a small, quiet PC of some sort. They're fast  
enough you can do some HD content, etc.

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