[mythtv-users] UK Freesat and Listings EIT

David Matthews dm at prolingua.co.uk
Sat Nov 22 22:39:58 UTC 2008

Paul wrote:
> Is there anyone on here that uses UK Freesat and EIT data? The reason I
> ask is that I seem to be missing listings for quite a few channels
> including the new FIVE.
> A few that come to mind that have missing listings are:-
> Showcase
> Film24
> Travel Channel
> Motors TV
> World Movies

Five has been included in the Freesat EIT EPG for the last week or so. 
Check that you've enabled use-on-air-guide for it.  I don't think the 
others are.  Not all free-to-air channels are included in the Freesat EPG.


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