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On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 12:28:38 -0500, "Dan Drummond" <dan.ddrummond at gmail.c
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  I have just started up a new webpage for MythTV users at
  [1]mythtvrigs.com. I think a database of working hardware will
  help all users with hardware choices. Please help and add your
  system hardware details to the database. I also have a forum
  if users want to talk about their rigs.

Thanks Dan.  I registered with the site already, and saw your
(Thumper) rig.

I noticed that your DB is pretty flat (not multi-table or
multi-entry) and not sure where yours might differ from the PVR
Hardware Guide ( http://pvrhw.goldfish.org/tiki-pvrhwdb.php ).
To me the key is how the data is entered into the system.  If
done well, searching is easy and would be a huge value to all.

It would be nice to be able to create two classes of records -
tied to the user - a Front End and Back End.  So I would create a
back end - and then off that 3 different front ends.  Each
individual box is important and each would have their own
specifications.  Granted some may make a front end + back end box
(minor - a check box perhaps).  Searches could be against a
specific class (FE) or across both.  ie I have a firm handle
today on a backend - it is gonna be my P4 with SD PCI capture
cards - that is a no brainer.  But man I have spent many man days
reviewing this stuff trying to not only get a FE that will work -
but one that will be very affordable.

Not sure your DB skills - (instead of "FE off the BE") -
basically throw a radio-button at the top during the add phase,
to choose FE or BE.  Then you merely allow us to enter multiple
devices against our user.  Then when you display on the page,
show the BE first followed by the BE.  (you could get fancier -
such as asking the class first and then showing questions that
related to the FE which may be different than those of the BE).
Right now I see one config page, and yes I saw merely a "display"
Display 1: HDTV.   Maybe I am missing something.

Be good to see display 1, we have this CPU, using a network boot,
and it shows SD, placed in the living room - has an 80mm fan, and
this case.  Comments: a little louder than I like - but the case
is nice for the living room

Display 2 -We are using Media MVP - Firmware version XYZ;
Comment: to get it running quickly at a low cost

Display 3 we have this CPU using a HDD; with this fan, this video
card, running HDTV via DVI.  Comment - Loud but in the basement.

This could grow a lot bigger - allow viewers to ask comments and
get replies; you could allow an owner to add a comment - and the
system would then show all the comments made by date etc etc.

One of my problems with the PVR guide (the developer had no time
to fix it), was an issue with the dates - I could not search
based on the date it was created - couldn't show the last 10
built - and I think the date shown was last modified not
created.  If you are building a new machine - searching for
something that was built in 2005 is of no use - you cannot
replicate that gear.  But if I did build something in 2004, and
found 20 people with similar gear, at least you know who to ask.
Not to mention that the guide also didn't split out the two
units.   The guide is not great and I have resorted to merely
searching via the myth forum.
My two cents FWIW.  Thanks - and appreciate the work you have


1. http://mythtvrigs.com/
myth (at) stocks (dot) sent (dot) com
(email for direct response)

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