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Mike Dodge dmikester1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 14:44:45 UTC 2008

If I can offer some advice to Dan, it would be to have a section to browse
all the current rigs like on the other hardware site.  That is one thing I
liked that you could see all the rigs together in a list.  Even better would
be to make the list sortable by each column.  If you need any help or
advice, I design websites as well and would be willing to help out where

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 1:55 PM, Jeff Holicky
<myth.myth_user at myth.sent.com>wrote:

>  On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 12:28:38 -0500, "Dan Drummond" <dan.ddrummond at gmail.com> said:
> I have just started up a new webpage for MythTV users at mythtvrigs.com. I
> think a database of working hardware will help all users with hardware
> choices. Please help and add your system hardware details to the database. I
> also have a forum if users want to talk about their rigs.
> Thanks Dan.  I registered with the site already, and saw your (Thumper)
> rig.
> I noticed that your DB is pretty flat (not multi-table or multi-entry) and
> not sure where yours might differ from the PVR Hardware Guide (
> http://pvrhw.goldfish.org/tiki-pvrhwdb.php ).   To me the key is how the
> data is entered into the system.  If done well, searching is easy and would
> be a huge value to all.
> It would be nice to be able to create two classes of records - tied to the
> user - a Front End and Back End.  So I would create a back end - and then
> off that 3 different front ends.  Each individual box is important and each
> would have their own specifications.  Granted some may make a front end +
> back end box (minor - a check box perhaps).  Searches could be against a
> specific class (FE) or across both.  ie I have a firm handle today on a
> backend - it is gonna be my P4 with SD PCI capture cards - that is a no
> brainer.  But man I have spent many man days reviewing this stuff trying to
> not only get a FE that will work - but one that will be very affordable.
> Not sure your DB skills - (instead of "FE off the BE") - basically throw a
> radio-button at the top during the add phase, to choose FE or BE.  Then you
> merely allow us to enter multiple devices against our user.  Then when you
> display on the page, show the BE first followed by the BE.  (you could get
> fancier - such as asking the class first and then showing questions that
> related to the FE which may be different than those of the BE).
> Right now I see one config page, and yes I saw merely a "display" *Display
> 1:* HDTV.   Maybe I am missing something.
> Be good to see display 1, we have this CPU, using a network boot, and it
> shows SD, placed in the living room - has an 80mm fan, and this case.
> Comments: a little louder than I like - but the case is nice for the living
> room
> Display 2 -We are using Media MVP - Firmware version XYZ; Comment: to get
> it running quickly at a low cost
> Display 3 we have this CPU using a HDD; with this fan, this video card,
> running HDTV via DVI.  Comment - Loud but in the basement.
> This could grow a lot bigger - allow viewers to ask comments and get
> replies; you could allow an owner to add a comment - and the system would
> then show all the comments made by date etc etc.
> One of my problems with the PVR guide (the developer had no time to fix
> it), was an issue with the dates - I could not search based on the date it
> was created - couldn't show the last 10 built - and I think the date shown
> was last modified not created.  If you are building a new machine -
> searching for something that was built in 2005 is of no use - you cannot
> replicate that gear.  But if I did build something in 2004, and found 20
> people with similar gear, at least you know who to ask.  Not to mention that
> the guide also didn't split out the two units.   The guide is not great and
> I have resorted to merely searching via the myth forum.
> My two cents FWIW.  Thanks - and appreciate the work you have done.
> cheers!
> jeff
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