[mythtv-users] Front end CPU recommendations?

Miroslav Suchý miroslav at suchy.cz
Thu Nov 6 18:23:01 UTC 2008

John Drescher napsal(a):
>> - does the decoding benefit from dual cores or would I be better off with a
>> single core at a higher clock rate?
Decoding is task which is hard to multitask. So if you only decode you 
are better with higher clock rate or bigger cache. But...
If you decode and playback in same time it is better to have dual core, 
becouse you will get lower latency, which is what you want.

>> - any benefit from a larger cache (is it worthwhile to go for 1MB of L2)?

Yes, but it depend on price. In mythTV I expect 512kb cache give you 1% 

> I don't believe there is any benefit to getting a single core cpu that
> was made 2 or more years ago (Is there anyone is making single core
> cpus?) versus a current generation dual core.

Via chips are still single core.
Intel Atom is single core (dual core just hit market).

But yeah you probably want dual core.

Miroslav Suchy

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