[mythtv-users] If nvidia driver is disabled but in xorg.conf, is it being used?

allen edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Fri Jun 27 08:45:21 UTC 2008

System -> Hardware Drivers -> Nvidia -> Enabled=unchecked, Status="Not 
in use"

In Xorg.conf:

Section  "Device" 
     Driver "nvidia"

So, am I using it or not?  If I am not using nvidia, what am I using? 
How do I find out what I am using?

My system is working great but it is time to get my projector 
configured, which involves changes to xorg.conf as I learned on my 
prototype system.  I took out the nvidia driver on the new system so my 
computer would boot properly (at least I think I took it out).  There 
was some kind of conflict that caused booting into low res mode 1/3 of 
the time.  However, I can find no proof that "nv" is being used.  So, 
before I go and try and modify xorg.conf, I would like to know how to 
resolve this inconsistency.

I can find no working way to determine what driver is in used in my 


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