[mythtv-users] Compatibility with HDTV card

Harry Orenstein holists at verizon.net
Wed Jun 25 02:27:48 UTC 2008

> rc.local is run after all other scripts have run so it is too late in
> the boot process to add modprobe.
> Here is a link to an old message I posted on this very subject.  Replace
> references to ivtv with your cx88_dvb and see if that helps.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/99096#99096
> -- 
> David

Sorry, I guess I had a brain hiccup.  What I should have said was rc.modules, 
which loads before all other scripts (or should anyway).  I tried your 
suggestion (editing the mythbackend init script) as well as trying a forced 
modprobe in rc.modules.  Both had no effect.  Firmware loading still fails in 
exactly the same way.

I'm beginning to think that maybe there is something wrong with the way that 
mythbackend accesses the dvb card that makes it fail to load the firmware 
during boot.  I have no way to confirm it short of finding the place in the 
code that does it and comparing to other code (like, maybe, azap).  Maybe 
someone could suggest a way to access the dvb card that would force the 
firmware to load that does not require it to be manually stopped (like azap 

Thanks for the help David.  If you or anyone else has any additional 
suggestions or experience they would like to relate I'm always open to more 
help.   ;-)

-- Harry O.

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