[mythtv-users] Volume/Mute not working with Intel integrated audio on Ubuntu

Johnny Russ jruss at mit.edu
Mon Jun 23 14:36:35 UTC 2008

> Just a couple points to note:
>    1) internal volume control does not work with passthrough (and
> cannot work with passthrough without softvol hacks or similar).
>    2) if you're outputting multi-channel audio or "non-standard"
> outputs in ALSA (Line, Headphone, any surround channel, etc.--basically
> anything but PCM or Master), changing the master volume control will
> have no effect with most ALSA drivers (and changing PCM volume control
> will also, as expected, have no effect).
> Both are sound driver/sound system "features" and have nothing to do
> with Myth.
I know my way around Linux pretty good but I haven't really messed with any
of the audio stuff, so this is new territory for me. I don't know what
passthrough is. I gather that has something to do with passing audio from
the line-in jack to the output? I am not doing anything special. I am just
playing back SD mpeg from a PVR-150. The sound volume controls work fine
outside of Myth. Also I am using Intel integrated audio on my BE/FE fine. I
assume there is some setting that I need to adjust to let Myth know how to
control the volume on my system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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