[mythtv-users] Apple TV FE with DVD Player?

Jeff Walther trag at io.com
Mon Jun 23 01:09:37 UTC 2008

>Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 13:43:26 -0400
>From: "Scott D. Davilla" <davilla at 4pi.com>

>>We are unlikely to be using 1080p any time soon.  Both of our
>>televisions are CRT models and neither is terribly large, so until
>>and unless we buy new televisions, I think that the lower resolutions
>>will be perfectly adequate.   In fact I don't think there'd be any
>>advantage at all in being able to output 1080p, except as a hedge
>>against future needs.
>While the AppleTV can not render 1080p content, it can certainly
>output 1080p video. There a difference between video content
>resolution and video display resolution.

Hmmm.   I can think of a couple of different ways to interpret this 
statement in practice.   It looks like you found a pocket of 
ignorance in my head.  :-)    Would you be willing to elaborate or 
point me at a source of more information?

>>with a drive under the TV where she can insert the DVD and push a few
>That certainly supported. The AppleTV has only one USB port so if you
>need to connect more than one USB device you will need a USB 2.0 hub.

>Time == money again. The best bang/buck is to get a MS UBS mce IR
>receiver/remote (less than $30) and it's supported by most MythTV
>distros without having to futz with lirc and keymaps.

So if I want to have an external DVD player and an MS USB mce IR R/R 
I'll need a hub so that I can connect them both.   Hubs are very 
inexpensive though.

Thank you Scott and all the respondents for the information.   I am 
open to additional comments, but wanted to get the thanks out while I 
was thinking of it.

Jeff Walther

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