[mythtv-users] ticket locking

Andrew Williams andy at tensixtyone.com
Wed Jun 18 17:53:52 UTC 2008

2008/6/18 Udo van den Heuvel <udovdh at xs4all.nl>:

> Sure.
> But I pointed out the situation and am willing to give all info on the
> specifics of this MythTV installation.
> The way they want to solve the problem (using valgrind and not by
> lookign at code or by any other way) is not within my field of influence.
> This means that I am not unwilling, perhaps just unable due to the
> specific situation. (or load me a board and card and I will place copy
> of my setup on that system)

I'm not sure if you understand what valgrind does, nor do you
understand how large the mythtv codebase is.


> The 'information' is, as I found out, specifically pointing out what
> went wrong where.
> As my setup is not that difficult to reproduce it is not just me being
> the cause of a delayed solution to this bug.

You say that, but alot of variables go into a working system

Hardware: exact make, models, bios revisions, card details, card versions, etc.
OS: Distro, library versions, stock or distro patched versions
MythTv: plugins, compile time options, optimization flags (if on a
source distro).

Any of these could cause the problem, replicating a system isn't as
easy as you make out.

Fact is, if its causing you major pain to have it leaking memory then
you should shut down your system long enough to do some diagnosis work
on it. Otherwise, suck it up. I was in a similar situation last year
with a memory leak sucking 300-400mb on a daily basis, just had to sit
it out and hope for the best.

Andrew Williams
w: http://tensixtyone.com/
e: andy at tensixtyone.com

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