[mythtv-users] ticket locking

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 18 17:20:37 UTC 2008

Brad DerManouelian wrote:
>> Don't make me appear as unwilling to assist insolving a case.
> You said you won't load valgrind. 

Did I ever specify reasons?

> Now you'll have to wait until
> someone else reproduces your situation WITH valgrind in order to give  
> the devs something to start with.

But I pointed out the situation and am willing to give all info on the
specifics of this MythTV installation.
The way they want to solve the problem (using valgrind and not by
lookign at code or by any other way) is not within my field of influence.
This means that I am not unwilling, perhaps just unable due to the
specific situation. (or load me a board and card and I will place copy
of my setup on that system)

>> Because recording is all it does and because recording is the main
>> feature of MythTV it was strange to see it grow this big. This should
>> have been notice before by someone else!?
> You're the first. If you can't provide the devs with the information  
> they request,

The 'information' is, as I found out, specifically pointing out what
went wrong where.
As my setup is not that difficult to reproduce it is not just me being
the cause of a delayed solution to this bug.

> If this were a corporate software company, the Quality Assurance team  
> would replicate your environment as closely as possible and run  
> valgrind to see where the memory leak is. This is open source. There  
> is no QA department. We are all QA and you're the only one with your  
> environment that is causing the issue.

I did my QA job as far as I could.
I pointed out an issue.
I can provide all info/details on the setup except the valgrind thing.
So that is my 100%.

I only hear the valgrind mantra, but I can't change that music.

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