[mythtv-users] Scheduler ignores tuners on slave (except manual record)

george.smith at arcor.de george.smith at arcor.de
Wed Jun 18 14:01:33 UTC 2008

Thanks very much, the "delete all" process solved the problem. The scheduler now uses all tuners. The tuners also now have the expected numbers 1, 2 and 3 instead of strange numbers like 9, 12 and 14. I had previously been deleting and readding on specific hosts.


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> On 6/16/08, george.smith at arcor.de <george.smith at arcor.de> wrote:
> > I have a scheduler problem.
> >
> > What works: I have a sytem with two machines running debian and mythtv
> 0.21, one with a master backend the other with a slave backend. The master
> backend has one tuner, the slave has two tuners. I can watch live tv on all
> three tuners. With both frontends running, I can watch on any two tuners
> simultaneously. While one tuner is recording, I can watch live on the other
> two.
> >
> > What doesn't work: If I schedule two or more shows at the same time via
> the program guide, only one is recorded (on the master), the others are
> listed as conflicts. The "Tuner Status" in "Information Center/System
> Status" shows the other two tuners on the slave as connected, but they
> aren't used for recording.
> >
> > But, when I do a manual schedule of two or even three shows at the same
> time, this does work. Upcoming recordings lists the shows with the both the
> frontend and the backend tuners and all are recorded.
> >
> > Surprisingly for me, the tuners are numbered 9, 12 and 14.
> >
> > mysql> select cardid  from capturecard;
> > +--------+
> > | cardid |
> > +--------+
> > |      9 |
> > |     12 |
> > |     14 |
> > +--------+
> >
> > I had problems with dvb reception and other things during the initial
> setup, and deleted and readded cards a number of times. I had expected that
> deleting all cards would lead to renumbering from either 0 or 1, whichever
> myth starts with. Maybe this is normal. I'm just noting it in case it
> isn't.
> Have you tried the "delete all" process?  I'd do that before going any
> further.  It sounds like you have a configuration problem likely
> introduced in your initial attempts to get things working.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/264034#264034
> > I've tried running mythfilldatabase and restarting the backends. I've
> tried running "mythbackend --resched" from the command line, but I'm not
> sure whether I understand how to do this.  I can't seem to start a backend
> using "mythbackend -d --resched", not sure what args are missing.
> mythbackend --resched just directs the currently running backend to do
> a reschedule.  You wouldn't use this option in your main mythbackend
> process.  That option shouldn't be needed unless you are messing with
> your database outside or Mythtv... which isn't a good idea.
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