[mythtv-users] is there a way to avoid tuning (recording) same multiplex on two different tuners?

peter at vanderwal.us peter at vanderwal.us
Mon Jun 16 07:45:34 UTC 2008

> When they are tuned to *different* multiplexes, they are able to
> correct the signal and to give nice video/audio quality (no
> uncorrectable errors). The problem comes when they are tuned to the
> same multiplex. In that case, signal level goes down and errors grow,
> making them unusable.
> Right now I have "solved" the problem disabling one of the two
> internal tuners (thus, I'm using only one of the pinnacle tuners and
> the hauppauge tuner), and I'm trying to find out if there's any config
> option (priorities, groups?) I can make use of in order to avoid the
> "problematic" situation (tune same multiplex on two different tuners).

I have zero experience with DVB, but is it possible to only put channels
from one multiplex on one turner and the other multiplex on the other
tuner?  Leave the Huappauge with both sets.  Give the dual tuners priority
so that it only goes to the hauppauge if it can't use one of the dual

If it works then you should be able to record three separate programs as
long as one of them is on a different multiplex to the others.

Like I said, no experience with DVB, so if it's a dumb suggestion chalk it
up to that.

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