[mythtv-users] is there a way to avoid tuning (recording) same multiplex on two different tuners?

Josť Oliver Segura primijos at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 08:09:45 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've recently upgraded my syste, adding a pinnacle dual dvb-t stick to
the hauppauge dvb-t stick I already had. Everything went fine, the
three tuners were working as expected, but my first try to do
simultaneous recordings on different channels failed due to problems
on the pinnacle dual dvb-t stick.

I have observed a "problem" (reported to linuxdvb-list, but no
response yet and, I'm afraind, nothing that software can deal with,
but a hardware/design/signal quality issue) that arises when the two
tuners inside the Pinnacle stick are used: signal quality goes down.
When they are tuned to *different* multiplexes, they are able to
correct the signal and to give nice video/audio quality (no
uncorrectable errors). The problem comes when they are tuned to the
same multiplex. In that case, signal level goes down and errors grow,
making them unusable.

Right now I have "solved" the problem disabling one of the two
internal tuners (thus, I'm using only one of the pinnacle tuners and
the hauppauge tuner), and I'm trying to find out if there's any config
option (priorities, groups?) I can make use of in order to avoid the
"problematic" situation (tune same multiplex on two different tuners).
That should be no problem for watching/recording, since I've defined 4
simultaneous recordings per multiplex (4 chanels).

So, the short question is: does anybody know how to tell mythtv
something like: "hey, never tune the same multiplex on two different
tuners; instead, use the already tuned tuner if you need to get a
channel from that multiplex -even for livetv-, in order to "not
disturb" the already tuned tuner)

I've taken a look at http://mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-12.html , but
I've not seen any clear option to do that; neither input priorities,
preferred inputs or any other options can assure that, and "mutually
exclusive inputs" is too much restrictive (actually, it would result
in the same setup I already have, with one of the two pinnacle's
tuners disabled, cause it will always have interferences with the
other one). What I'm trying to achive is a kind of "mutually exlusive
inputs" but much more like "mutually exclusive multiplexes" :-?

thanks in advance for any hint...


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