[mythtv-users] Interfering Remotes

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 16 14:03:46 UTC 2008

Not strictly myth-related but I wondered if anybody had seen this happen before.

I've got a whole stack of IR remotes  - with the addition of my Hauppause PVR-1100 I've now got 7 - but so far they've all been well-behaved. But last night I discovered that the remote for my A/V amp also controls my myth box - meaning that I can't switch the amp to the myth input without myth switching to the media library! Has anybody else ever had anything like this happen? The Hauppauge remote is not able to control the A/V amp, which is wierd. I'll just have to adjust my key mapping in myth but I though remotes were meant to have a manufacturer/device code which meant one remote couldn't operate another piece of kit?


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