[mythtv-users] HD recording

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed Jun 11 19:11:35 UTC 2008

Alan Murrell wrote:
> Hello all.
> I live in Vancouver, Canada.  I currently record my TV using analog input to a PVR-500, though I use a digital cable box for my regular TV viewing (I don't use my MtthTV box to watch live TV)
> Anyway, with the cable companies apparently discontinuing analog service in February, I was thinking about moving to HD, as I have read some positive results of people being able to record HD via firewire.
> My question: if I connect my MythTV box via firewire to an HD box and am recording a show, would I also be able to watch "live tv" at the same time on another channel with the same box?  I am guessing "no", but want to check here, as I am sure there are people here that know for sure :-)
> I guess I am just trying to see how many HD units I am going to need to get :-)
> Thanks, in advance, for your help.
> -Alan

The broadcast changeover for Canada is August 2011, but the Canadian 
networks are mainly on-line in digital already. In the Toronto area that 
means about 20 available digital US and Canadian channels. THAT has 
nothing to do with what is on your cable, however the cable suppliers 
(Rogers/Shaw etc.) are engaged in an up-selling FUD racket. I can no 
longer buy an analog only cable package in Toronto... has to be a 
digital package with an STB. And Rogers made the 30 odd QAM-256-only 
digital channels encrypted last June. But there is NO reason to believe 
that your cableco will discontinue analog in February.  Likely its just 
FUD related to the US changeover.

So you can expect that analog only will still be available on your 
cable, but that there may be a lot of pressure on you to change to a 
digital package.

Also, the CRTC does not require, like the FCC does that cablecos provide 
a clear digital signal for local broadcasters. Up here there are no 
'must-carry' channels. And of course, HD channels are in another 
package, require a different STB and it costs more.

AND there is no guarantee that you can get any output from you STB into 
a mythbox. The FCC requires that a firewire output be provided....Gee, 
wouldn't it be great if...... All of which is a lead-up to, SEND AN 
E-MAIL TO YOU MP! Most of them are clueless about exactly what is 
happening with cable.

The cableco's will try to change everyone to digital (with encryption), 
therefore need an #TB...ohh, HD is extra..different $TB...ohh, PVR 
capablility is an extra...different $TB.. and NO direct digital output.

As to your situation, you might want to consider an antenna, with an 
HdHomeRun box. If you are up the mountain in West Van/British Properties 
you may even get Bellinghan and Seattle stations. (I have no idea what 
reception is like in Van...? Anyone there?

If the new Hauppauge box gets a driver, then things will change. It will 
use a component output and give you a digital input to your box. Still 
have to play with an STB and use an ir-blaster to change channels...and 
one STB == one tuner = one recording/viewing stream.

As for what you can actually get now, you may want to beg/borrow/buy 
(and return) a digital TV (or tuner) to see what is on your cable, and 
what is available. For a quick and dirty test you don't need to use 
Linux. Run a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR950 (or its successors ..1150-?) under 
Windows on a laptop. This will let you see what is there.

Lots and I mean LOTS more information buried in the forums at 
http://digitalhome.ca and at http://remotecentral.com.


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