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Emery Guevremont emery.guevremont at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 19:38:34 UTC 2008

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Alan Murrell wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> I live in Vancouver, Canada.  I currently record my TV using analog input to a PVR-500, though I use a digital cable box for my regular TV viewing (I don't use my MtthTV box to watch live TV)
>> Anyway, with the cable companies apparently discontinuing analog service in February, I was thinking about moving to HD, as I have read some positive results of people being able to record HD via firewire.
>> My question: if I connect my MythTV box via firewire to an HD box and am recording a show, would I also be able to watch "live tv" at the same time on another channel with the same box?  I am guessing "no", but want to check here, as I am sure there are people here that know for sure :-)
>> I guess I am just trying to see how many HD units I am going to need to get :-)
>> Thanks, in advance, for your help.
>> -Alan
> The broadcast changeover for Canada is August 2011, but the Canadian 
> networks are mainly on-line in digital already. In the Toronto area that 
> means about 20 available digital US and Canadian channels. THAT has 
> nothing to do with what is on your cable, however the cable suppliers 
> (Rogers/Shaw etc.) are engaged in an up-selling FUD racket. I can no 
> longer buy an analog only cable package in Toronto... has to be a 
> digital package with an STB. And Rogers made the 30 odd QAM-256-only 
> digital channels encrypted last June. But there is NO reason to believe 
> that your cableco will discontinue analog in February.  Likely its just 
> FUD related to the US changeover.
> So you can expect that analog only will still be available on your 
> cable, but that there may be a lot of pressure on you to change to a 
> digital package.
> Also, the CRTC does not require, like the FCC does that cablecos provide 
> a clear digital signal for local broadcasters. Up here there are no 
> 'must-carry' channels. And of course, HD channels are in another 
> package, require a different STB and it costs more.
> AND there is no guarantee that you can get any output from you STB into 
> a mythbox. The FCC requires that a firewire output be provided....Gee, 
> wouldn't it be great if...... All of which is a lead-up to, SEND AN 
> E-MAIL TO YOU MP! Most of them are clueless about exactly what is 
> happening with cable.
> The cableco's will try to change everyone to digital (with encryption), 
> therefore need an #TB...ohh, HD is extra..different $TB...ohh, PVR 
> capablility is an extra...different $TB.. and NO direct digital output.
> As to your situation, you might want to consider an antenna, with an 
> HdHomeRun box. If you are up the mountain in West Van/British Properties 
> you may even get Bellinghan and Seattle stations. (I have no idea what 
> reception is like in Van...? Anyone there?
> If the new Hauppauge box gets a driver, then things will change. It will 
> use a component output and give you a digital input to your box. Still 
> have to play with an STB and use an ir-blaster to change channels...and 
> one STB == one tuner = one recording/viewing stream.
> As for what you can actually get now, you may want to beg/borrow/buy 
> (and return) a digital TV (or tuner) to see what is on your cable, and 
> what is available. For a quick and dirty test you don't need to use 
> Linux. Run a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR950 (or its successors ..1150-?) under 
> Windows on a laptop. This will let you see what is there.
> Lots and I mean LOTS more information buried in the forums at 
> http://digitalhome.ca and at http://remotecentral.com.
Never heard of remotecentral.com. What forum talks about OTA TV?

BTW digitalhome.ca is a great source of info for OTA TV.
> Geoff
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