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Sat Jun 14 07:14:01 UTC 2008

> I expect most cable companies will move to all-digital as soon as they
> can, just to stop us "pirates" from being able to record all the analog
> channels without an STB )-:

I suppose when this becomes the case, and/or the cable companies encrypt all but the "basic" channels, we'll need to move to getting an STB for each channel we would like to record :-(  Fortunately, being in Canada, I suspect the cable companies will always have to provide a "basic" cable service without having to rent an STB to allow "low income" people access :-)

> running, etc. Firewire is iffy. It may in fact be easier to use a device
> such as the HDHomerun which is well supported in MythTV, far easier to
> set up, and more reliable than firewire, but of course it does cost
> extra. There might also be some channels that come out of the STB via
> firewire that are not in the clear on the wire (and thus available to an
> HDHomerun). That too varies by cable company. (An HDHomerun would be
> able to record the same HD channels that a directly-connected TV with a
> digital tuner can see).

I hadn't actually really looked into an HDHomerun.  I had seen "HDHomerun" mentioned, but had always skipped over those threads as I thought it was an HD service offered down in the US (I guess I was getting it confused with "Roadrunner" or something).  Getting an HDHomerun would certainly put an end to having to buy additional tuners for any other backends I may put in place.  There is the $170 or so cost, but seeing how a PVR-500 is about $150 or so (higher?), it's worth the cost.

Thanks for the info!


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