[mythtv-users] Does transcode use storage groups?

Niklas Brunlid prefect47 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 21:00:15 UTC 2008

I just half-manually transcoded (lossless) a months worth of
recordings, and it looks like mythtranscode always writes its results
to the old mythtv recordings directory (in my case /myth/disk4/,
formerly /myth/tv/) instead of spreading it out over the recording
group (/myth/disk[1-4]).

This lead to the loss of half of the next-to-last recording I edited,
and all of the last one (which got transcoded from 1GB to 40KB!) since
the space on the destination drive ran out, before I noticed what had
happened. :(

So I have two questions:
* Does mythtranscode use recording groups?
* If not, will it abort the transcode if it runs out of space?

/ Niklas

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