[mythtv-users] adding 2nd tuner KWorld TV Terminator

Jason Salerno jasonmsphoto at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 4 18:13:32 UTC 2008

>The link you provided mentions nothing of configuring video sources or
>input connections when adding a new card, only setting the card itself
>up. To do this correctly, in mythtv-setup select the Input Connections
>screen, and ensure the Television input on the new card is connected
>to the existing working video souce (this isn't mentioned in the link,
>so I don't know whether you've done this). Then restart the backend
>and see if things start working in mythfrontend.
>Your second card will be the first to be used for LiveTV - so if it is
>misconfigured LiveTV will fail (as you are apparently seeing).
  i tried that and i still haven't gotten 2nd tuner to work. first tuner for LiveTV works no problem its just 2nd tuner that wont get anything.  I know i got mythtv misconfigured for 2nd tuner but i am just not sure where it is. but my gut tells me it has to do with saa7134 file in /etc/modprobe.d/  I dont understand where that numbers is coming from.  "options saa7134 card=65 tuner=54" i mean where does 65 and 54 come from? what if my tuner uses different numbers? is there anyway i could find the "numbers"?
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