[mythtv-users] adding 2nd tuner KWorld TV Terminator

Michael Rice mikerice1969 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 20:44:46 UTC 2008

On 6/4/08, Jason Salerno <jasonmsphoto at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> i tried that and i still haven't gotten 2nd tuner to work. first tuner for
> LiveTV works no problem its just 2nd tuner that wont get anything.  I know i
> got mythtv misconfigured for 2nd tuner but i am just not sure where it is.
> but my gut tells me it has to do with saa7134 file in /etc/modprobe.d/  I
> dont understand where that numbers is coming from.  "options saa7134 card=65
> tuner=54" i mean where does 65 and 54 come from? what if my tuner uses
> different numbers? is there anyway i could find the "numbers"?

If your card works with mplayer then your modprobe.conf is correct.
The card and tuner numbers are module parameters needed since saa7134
supports other similar cards.  These are correct for the kworld card.

You may need to "delete all capture cards" and start fresh but here is
what I'd try first.  I assume you have /dev/video0 as your old card...
we can leave that alone.  Run mythtv-setup and enter "Capture Cards".
Delete (by hitting d) the V4L card you tried to add before.  You will
then only have your original card.

Now "new capture card".
Card type: Analog V4L capture card
Video device: (change to /dev/video1)
Audio device: (change to /dev/dsp1)
Default Input: (leave as Television)

Go to Video Sources:
You should have an existing one for your other card... leave it alone
Do (New video source)
Give it a name
Listings grabber: no grabber
Channel frequenty table (set this to us-cable) [assumed from mplayer command]

Input Connections:
Go to /dev/video1 Television... hit enter
give name: like terminator-tv
Video source: Name you just added
Hit scan for channels
Do the full scan.  It should find the channels
Set a starting channel that works

Now exit mythtv-setup.  Run mythbackend -l log.txt &
run mythfrontend
Go to watch tv
You will see livetv from your old card
Hit m (menu) and select switch Input, terminator-tv
You now should be seeing livetv from the terminator card on your
starting channel

If that works great... you can use the terminator for livetv... we
didn't set up listings so no recording yet...

If you want to record from it then:

Get a schedules direct lineup
Create a new video source with the lineup
In input connections: /dev/video1:Television select the new video source
{Fetch channels from listings source}
Add starting channel

If this doesn't work then you should look carefully at your backend
log as it more than likely will tell you something important.

I believe I started that Wiki page but I no longer use this card... I
put it in my devbox to sanity check and the above seems to still work.

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