[mythtv-users] Playing m2ts files

nasa01 at comcast.net nasa01 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 2 10:44:42 UTC 2008


I was hoping someone with more brainpower than I, could help me solve a couple of issues I am having tring to play some 1080p files....

Background:  I have read through the howto here:


And followed it's instructions on getting svn versions of both mplayer and ffmpeg installed on my system.  I have some m2ts files I am using as test subjects.  I have had limited success (as one can tell by me writting this email.....)


1. One of my 2 test files plays both video and audio (this particular file shows it having video, 5.1, and 2 ac3 streams).  However, the audio track is wrong (I get the documentary instead of the actual film).  I tried playing the other 2 with the same results. 

2. With the other file, mplayer never gains focus -- thus I get audio, but only see the mythvideo screen (with the text that comes up when starting a movie).  Since mplayer doesn't have focus, I can't stop the video.  I have to remote login to kill it or kill X and start over.  I am using ratpoison as my WM (the only thing I saw on past questions about focus issues revolved around not using a WM).

Hope someone can lend me a hand,


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