[mythtv-users] It worked for a while... It is an XvMC problem

allene222 nabble at oldpaloalto.com
Sun Jun 1 04:15:33 UTC 2008

allene222 wrote:
> I got Mythbuntu 8.04 working with a Pinnacle Pro Stock thanks to a lot of
> help from James Crow and others.  Everything was working except whenever I
> tuned to channel 11_1, Myth froze with a black screen and CPU usage at
> 95%.  All the other channels worked.  I thought I might have found a new
> bug as channel 11_1 is really on physical channel 12, which is unusual.  I
> deleted all the channels and scanned again, same thing.  All channels I
> tried except 11 worked.  I tried changing the profile to CPU-- to see if
> that would help.  No change.
> Then I tried to do an import of my channels.conf file that I created with
> scan.  That stuck at 0% so it didn't work.  I deleted all the channels and
> did a scan again.  The scan looked fine.
> But now, all channels I have tried give me a black screen and the
> front-end goes to 95%.  I have rebooted several times.
> I deleted all the channels again and re-scanned.  Again the scan looks
> fine but when I watch TV, the screen shows the channel information but
> then goes black.
> I recorded a show and it looks like it is recording fine.  When I try and
> watch it, black screen.
> I can switch to another desktop so I know linux and the computer are not
> frozen.
> All the channels I looked at with mplayer look fine so I know the tuner is
> working.
> Anyone see this before and know what to do?
> Allen

I figured out that the difference between channels was the resolution which
through the profile determined if XvMC was enabled.  With CPU++ (no XvMC)
there are no blank screens but the picture is no good because my CPU must
have XvMC.  

XvMC worked great under 7.10 but I could not repeat the build after my
disasterious upgrade.  It was suggested here that I use 8.04 which looks
great, but without XvMC is no good.  I need to troubleshoot XvMC under
Mythbuntu 8.04.

I will work on it but it sure looks like a bug to me as my system worked
with XvMC under 7.10.

Anyone care to enlighten me about what is going on?


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