[mythtv-users] It worked for a while -- solved

allene222 nabble at oldpaloalto.com
Sun Jun 1 20:18:25 UTC 2008

allene222 wrote:
> I got Mythbuntu 8.04 working with a Pinnacle Pro Stock thanks to a lot of
> help from James Crow and others.  Everything was working except whenever I
> tuned to channel 11_1, Myth froze with a black screen and CPU usage at
> 95%.  All the other channels worked.  I thought I might have found a new
> bug as channel 11_1 is really on physical channel 12, which is unusual.  I
> deleted all the channels and scanned again, same thing.  All channels I
> tried except 11 worked.  I tried changing the profile to CPU-- to see if
> that would help.  No change.
> Then I tried to do an import of my channels.conf file that I created with
> scan.  That stuck at 0% so it didn't work.  I deleted all the channels and
> did a scan again.  The scan looked fine.
> But now, all channels I have tried give me a black screen and the
> front-end goes to 95%.  I have rebooted several times.
> I deleted all the channels again and re-scanned.  Again the scan looks
> fine but when I watch TV, the screen shows the channel information but
> then goes black.
> I recorded a show and it looks like it is recording fine.  When I try and
> watch it, black screen.
> I can switch to another desktop so I know linux and the computer are not
> frozen.
> All the channels I looked at with mplayer look fine so I know the tuner is
> working.
> Anyone see this before and know what to do?
> Allen

So far so good.  Works as well as it did under 7.10 now.  The solution was
to add the following two lines to my xorg.conf file under Session "Device"

    Option "XvmcUsesTextures" "false"
    Option "NVAGP" "1"

Both are required.  Without NVAGP, I get a blank screen.  Without the other,
sound goes away after a while.


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