[mythtv-users] Screen corruption with fglrx X driver

Lauri Tischler lwgt at iki.fi
Sun Jul 27 20:38:01 UTC 2008

David Gee wrote:
> I have a rather interesting problem. I have been trying to get MythTV up 
> and running on my HTPC box. I have a Radeon HD 2600 Pro graphics card 
> which is connected to my TV via a DVI->HDMI adapter, and the display 
> runs full-screen at 1920x1080. I was initially trying to get MythTV to 
> work using the radeonhd graphics driver, however hardware acceleration 
> is not yet supported for this driver so watching live TV is essentially 
> impossible because all the rendering must be done by the CPU, so I gave 
> up on that idea.
> Plan B was to use ATI's proprietary fglrx driver, which I managed to 
> install and get to work, complete with which means that 2D and 3D 
> hardware acceleration, so I was hoping that it would be straightforward 
> to get MythTV working. However, I found when I ran mythtv-setup, and 
> also later when I ran mythfrontend, that the display output gets 
> corrupted, as can be seen at 
> http://www.allpowerfuldave.com/mythtv_corruption.jpg. It's clear to see 
> that this is trying to be MythTV, there's just something not quite 
> right. If you take a screenshot, the screenshot is fine so MythTV is 
> drawing all the components correctly, so I surmise that there's 
> something going wrong between MythTV and fglrx, because the MythTV menus 
> displayed correctly when I went back to using the radeonhd driver.
> Can anyone shed any light on what the problem might be?

Try adding the following to the 'Device' section in xorg.conf

Option      "TexturedVideo" "true"

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