[mythtv-users] mjped (DC10) Install instructions -- need help?

Alen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Sat Jul 5 18:25:06 UTC 2008

I just put a Pinnacle dc10 in my myth box.  This is a Zoran based frame 
grabber that seems well supported.  However, I could find no 
instructions to follow for the setup.  I would rather not just guess at 
all the settings but that is what I ended up doing (unsuccessfully).  I 
looked in the Mythbuntu 8.04 instruction manual.  It referred me to a 
wiki that had nothing.  I googled and found only reference 2 to 4 years 
old.  They all seemed to deal with getting the card driver loaded but 
that is now built in. So, I took a wild guess to at least go through the 
entire process and get as many questions up at once.  Of course, that 
didn't work. If someone can direct me to a wiki or other instructions 
that would be great.  If not, here are my questions:

1) Capture card.  I selected MJPEG and the card was recognized.  DC10 
was listed as an option so I think this is correct.
a) The card has no audio input so I will need to use the MB audio.  I 
assume that should be set to /dev/dsp and not none???
b) What sample rate?  I set it to 48000.

2) Video source.    I want to record a VCR output. 
a) Listing grabber?  I set it to "none".
b) Channel frequency table???  There are no channels for this input.  I 
looked for a setting for none but there isn't one. I left it at default.

3) Input Connection.  There were 3 added, Composite, S-video, and 
Internal/comp.  I only tried to set up S-video
a) What is Internal/comp anyway???
b) The S-video screen is asking to scan for channels.  I didn't because 
there are no channels to scan for.
c) It is asking for a starting channel.  I tried to enter something here 
(like video or 0) but it wouldn't take any input.  I left this asking 
for a channel.

When I tried to exit, it said that there was no starting channel on the 
S-video card and did I want to fix it.  I lied and said I knew what I 
was doing and left setup.

4) Back in myth frontend.  There is no way to use the card that I could 
find in any menu.  Obviously I did not set it up correctly or I don't 
know where to look.  I looked in manual record, which is how I would use 
it and could not find anything.


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