[mythtv-users] Greater Toronto Area and Schedules Direct Digital listings

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Mon Jan 21 18:43:23 UTC 2008

Colin McGregor wrote:
> So, I would love to see the stations I get NOW up on Schedules Direct for 
> Toronto (and the area around Toronto), knowing that this isn't prefect, that 
> changes will need to happen in the near future. So, with all this in mind (it 
> isn't prefect yet, but is a real start) I have fired off the following 
> e-mail:

Maybe I missed something, but what is wrong with using 'Rogers Digital 
Cable' as the source with SD? That's what I did with my mix of analog 
cable, digital cable, and OTA recording devices, so I have one lineup 
that encompasses all 3 types, and it just works. I used the Rogers cable 
numbers, for lack of imagination, so I have 6 (CBLT analog), 6 (CBLT 
digital SD) and 128 (CBLT-DT OTA HD).


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