[mythtv-users] Greater Toronto Area and Schedules Direct Digital listings

Colin McGregor spamtrap151 at rogers.com
Mon Jan 21 21:12:44 UTC 2008

On January 21, 2008 01:43:23 pm Tom Lichti wrote:
> Colin McGregor wrote:
> > So, I would love to see the stations I get NOW up on Schedules Direct for
> > Toronto (and the area around Toronto), knowing that this isn't prefect,
> > that changes will need to happen in the near future. So, with all this in
> > mind (it isn't prefect yet, but is a real start) I have fired off the
> > following e-mail:
> Maybe I missed something, but what is wrong with using 'Rogers Digital
> Cable' as the source with SD? That's what I did with my mix of analog
> cable, digital cable, and OTA recording devices, so I have one lineup
> that encompasses all 3 types, and it just works. I used the Rogers cable
> numbers, for lack of imagination, so I have 6 (CBLT analog), 6 (CBLT
> digital SD) and 128 (CBLT-DT OTA HD).
> Tom

There are some channels that I can get via antenna that do not currently 
appear on the Rogers Digital Cable listings (like WNED's "Think Bright" 
channel on 43_3 and WNGS on channel 7_2). In other words if I used Rogers 
Digital Cable I would be out of luck on some channels...

The solution that I have been using, which comes close to being perfect is to 
claim that I have a over the air tuner in US zip code 14174 (Youngstown, NY), 
which I have tied to my HDTV tuner card (my analog tuner cards being tied to 
Rogers Cable with my mid-town Toronto, ON postal code).

Now, I could continue with using a US zip code, but, well ... it just feels 
wrong to have to lie about my location in order to get the data that ought to 
be correctly available for my location...

Colin McGregor

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