[mythtv-users] Greater Toronto Area and Schedules Direct Digital listings

Colin McGregor spamtrap151 at rogers.com
Mon Jan 21 02:03:46 UTC 2008

On January 20, 2008 10:07:12 am George Nassas wrote:
> On 19-Jan-08, at 10:00 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> > CITY-HD is not listed by TMS (and thus not by SchedulesDirect). Use
> > the
> > SD channel 9 xmltv id. When there is HD on, it is a simulcast of
> > the SD
> > feed. NOT on all the time, so do not rely on it for all programs.
> This is 100% wrong. CITYHD is listed by TMS & SchedulesDirect (it's
> the only Toronto HD station they carry) it does broadcast in full HD
> and it is on all the time.
> To the OP: the page at http://www.remotecentral.com/hdtv/ is accurate
> for Toronto. I'm a bit east of downtown and get everything that's
> shown as broadcasting. On another list I've been reading that CTS
> (35-1 in Hamilton) is currently testing for a February go-live so
> they might be good to include too.
> If you're able to send a follow-up request then Global, CHCH and the
> two OMNIs ought to be up by this summer.
> - George

Now, I expect that over the next few months we in the Greater Toronto Area 
(and for that matter a LOT of other communities in Canada and the US) will 
need to submit changes / corrections. Some stuff we know is coming down the 
pipe, like CTS going to HD "real soon now", and Global going to HD by 
mid-year. There will also likely be a few surprises over the next few months 
(like the first time I heard about WCSN was when it showed up on a channel 

One of the centerpieces of open source software has been, get something up / 
running / out the door/ get feedback / improve / get revised version out the 
door / go back to get feedback process. 

So, I would love to see the stations I get NOW up on Schedules Direct for 
Toronto (and the area around Toronto), knowing that this isn't prefect, that 
changes will need to happen in the near future. So, with all this in mind (it 
isn't prefect yet, but is a real start) I have fired off the following 


--- Robert Kulagowski via RT [snip] wrote:
> On Fri Jan 18 14:44:12 2008, colinmc151 at rogers.com
> wrote:
> > 
> > Does NOT list any digital channels.
> TMS hasn't been listing digital channels in Canada
> until very recently.
>  They're building their database of stations.  If
> you send me a list of
> the stations then I can get them input, otherwise
> you'll need to wait.
> So, something like:
> 6-1 CFJT-DT
> (etc)

Okay, here is a list of the local digital stations
that I can get with an attic mounted antenna (I plan
to move the antenna outdoors once the weather gets a
bit warmer which will likely mean a few additional
digital channels, but this makes for a great start :-)

7-2 WNGS
7-3 WCSN
23-1 WNLO-HD
25-1 CBLFT-D
29-1 WUTV-HD
29-2 WUTV-SD
43-1 WNED-HD
43-2 WNED-SD
43-3 WNED-Th
66-1 CKXT-DT

The above channels should be available to almost
anyone with a semi-decent antenna in any Toronto
postal code (any postal code that starts with the
letter "M" (i.e." M4P 1P9 or M5H 2N2, etc...).
Further, most places in the communities around Toronto
should be able to get the above stations (any postal
code that starts with the letter "L").


Colin McGregor


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