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Jonathan Larson jtlarson at u.washington.edu
Thu Jan 17 16:40:02 UTC 2008

Just my 2 cents worth...

If your a noob and want to learn how linux works and for that case Myth you should go with SVN... I mean it's just a computer running software... breaking and fixing is part of the learning process.

Don't let people sway you from taking a chance and trying something new... ;) go for it!

I whole-heartedly agree with this, but right now I don't really have a clear idea of how SVN is supposed to work, so I've put it off-it's that whole "look before you leap" mentality.

I'm also a relative noob when it comes to linux. I've compiled some things from source--even a working version of Myth from SVN on a test box. The thing that I was never clear on is how the pro's handle updates from SVN. Maybe this is just because I don't understand SVN well enough, but I remember looking at every guide I could find on installing MythTV from SVN and I didn't find the answers to the following questions:
Say I check out a copy of MythTv from SVN and store it in /usr/src/mythtv. Should I then run ./configure in that directory or should I make a temp copy of the source and compile that? And what happens when a new rev is released-is there a special command to simply update the changes in /usr/src/mythtv? Do I need to re-configure everything or just run make?
If someone who does this regularly could outline the techniques they use to manage MythTV-SVN or tell me where to find a pre-existing guide, I'm sure I'd make the jump.

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