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Chris Weiland hobbiticus at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 17:56:31 UTC 2008

In order to update the source, all you should really have to do is run "svn
update" in the directory where you checked out the source.  That will update
every file in that directory tree.  After that, just running "make", "make
install" should be enough to compile and install the new version.  Running
configure again shouldn't be necessary.  That should work in the general

However, sometimes things change in the configuration and layout of the
source code.  If that's the case, then the above may not work completely.
If that's the case, then the following commands should fix it:
make uninstall
make clean
make install

The first 3 commands just give you a clean slate for your build.  Doing this
is not generally necessary when updates are small.

I don't really see a point in making a temp copy of the source.  If you mess
up the source, you can run "svn revert", which will restore any changes that
you've made to the source tree (except for additional files that were
created), or just delete it and check it out again.  I believe that
reverting does not even communicate with the svn server because svn keeps a
local clean copy on your machine for just this reason.

On Jan 17, 2008 11:40 AM, Jonathan Larson <jtlarson at u.washington.edu> wrote:

> Just my 2 cents worth...
> If your a noob and want to learn how linux works and for that case Myth
> you should go with SVN... I mean it's just a computer running software...
> breaking and fixing is part of the learning process.
> Don't let people sway you from taking a chance and trying something new...
> ;) go for it!
> I whole-heartedly agree with this, but right now I don't really have a
> clear idea of how SVN is supposed to work, so I've put it off—it's that
> whole "look before you leap" mentality.
> I'm also a relative noob when it comes to linux. I've compiled some things
> from source--even a working version of Myth from SVN on a test box. The
> thing that I was never clear on is how the pro's handle updates from SVN.
> Maybe this is just because I don't understand SVN well enough, but I
> remember looking at every guide I could find on installing MythTV from SVN
> and I didn't find the answers to the following questions:
> Say I check out a copy of MythTv from SVN and store it in /usr/src/mythtv.
> Should I then run ./configure in that directory or should I make a temp copy
> of the source and compile that? And what happens when a new rev is
> released—is there a special command to simply update the changes in
> /usr/src/mythtv? Do I need to re-configure everything or just run make?
> If someone who does this regularly could outline the techniques they use
> to manage MythTV-SVN or tell me where to find a pre-existing guide, I'm sure
> I'd make the jump.
> Jon
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