[mythtv-users] Please help -- can't schedule recordings (but can record with R, can view guide)

dataclue dataclue at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 02:17:29 UTC 2008

Please help. Cannot get anything scheduled from the
program guide although recording the current program
works from within live TV and shows correct program
information. There are no error messages displayed but
it always says "not recording" and "preview of
schedule changes" alawys says: "no changes will be
made". Also, it appears that schedulign the show does
something -- I can run "mythbackend --testsched" and
get output of my attempted schedules. But "mythbackend
-- printsched" doesn't do anything. 

All of this is regardless of any settings. I'm using
ScheduleDirect and the latest version of MythTV. 

Please help. It has taken a very long time to get
MythTV working even though I tend to think of myself
as having reasonable skills. 

(By the way, my earlier problem with sound recording
being broken by upgrading MythTV, to which no one
responded, was eventually resolved by upgrading ALSA
and the kernel. It also seems essential to regular
restart the computer. Direct digital input has never
worked, but the CD input is working again). 

Thank you very much in advance. 

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