[mythtv-users] My wife broke Myth... can't connect to back end

Hunter McDaniel oxothuk.maps at 4dv.net
Fri Jan 11 21:58:56 UTC 2008

I've been running MythDora 4.0 since last April, upgraded myth packages 
to 0.20.2 in August to get Schedules Direct.  No other changes since then. 

Myth has been rock solid - until this week, while I was away on a 
business trip.  My wife is strictly a user and generally only interacts 
with Myth via the remote.  The one keyboard trick I taught her was 
CTRL-ALT-BKSP to kill a hung frontend session.  She had occasion to do 
that one night this week, and Myth has been broken ever since.  I got 
home today and really expected to find something simple but after 
several hours I am stumped.

I have a relatively simple configuration - combined frontend and 
backend, only display is HDTV, two DVICO tuner cards.

Symptoms are as follows:
1) Trying to access MythWeb from a browser on another box displays an 
error box indicating that MythWebcan't connect to the back end and asks 
"Is it running?".
2) Backend appears to be running and shows no unusual messages even at 
maximum verbosity. 
3) Backend does not appear to be listening on its assigned port, or on 
any other port.  "netstat -lnp | grep mythback" and "netstat -an | grep 
6543" both return nothing.
3) Mythfrontend hangs before even displaying the first screen of my 
theme.  The last message in the log is where it echoes the message level 
settings (" -v all, nodatabase").
4) Mythsetup works fine, and all the parameters are exactly as I 
remember them, including the IP names and ports
5) I can ping the IP name specified in setup, but "telnet mymachine 
6543" gets a "connection refused".
5) I can change parameters in Mythsetup and it remembers them, so it 
doesn't seem obviously there is no difficulty communicating with MySQL.

Any ideas on what I should look at next?

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