[mythtv-users] Frame rate problem when watching live TV

Mark Smit mark at miracle-online.nl
Tue Jan 8 20:30:12 UTC 2008

> Flgrx has a problem with xv support for R600. When I configure for xv with 
> "aticonfig --ovt=Xv" and reboot, and run xvinfo, I get the result "no 
> adapters present".

Actually, it is caused by the RS690 chip set. See 

>> No, try another program such as tvtime, mplayer, vlc etc to view the
>> stream directly.

I finally got mplayer to work, and I have a perfect image with no frame rate 
problems at all. Since it refused to work with the default xv setting, I 
used the gl setting.

So it has been proven now that my system can show live TV with a perfect 
frame rate with the current fglrx driver, even though I have no xv support. 
I can also view the recordings in Myth without frame rate problems. So if 
Myth uses the same video settings for live video as for recordings (which 
should be exactly the same since DVB produces MPEG2), does this rule out any 
video problems? And how could I test if the problem is caused by my 



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