[mythtv-users] Re Motorola DCH3200 STB: channel change?

Maclaren, James M maclaren at tulane.edu
Tue Jan 8 21:22:33 UTC 2008

I have had) no problems using the firewire connection and the DCH3200
cable box for channel changing.   When I upgraded my cable box from a
DCT2000 my ir blaster seemed to lose range.  If it wasn't right over the
eye it wouldn't change the channel reliably.  Then it started getting
worse when I upgraded to the latest mythbuntu.   I even created a
different lirc file using irrecord but it seemed to work no better or
worse that the DCT2000 file.


To get channel changing working I downloaded the 6200ch.c from the svn
branch, then set the permissions of /dev/raw1394 to mythtv.mythtv - the
right permissions for the backend in mythbuntu and used that in the
backend set up - and compiled the code.  It has been very reliable.


I found that recording from the firewire was less reliable,  For some
reason the connection would die but could be reliably recovered by using
the firewire tester program from the svn to reset the firewire bus, then
restart the backend (this seemed critical) the using firewire tester in
broadcast mode showed a connection and the show would record fine.  I
could never figure out what triggered the connection to fail bit could
always wake it up with a reset and restart of the backend.  Now, I was
running mythtv svn which had the DCH3200 as an option in the backend set


As I now have all of the QAM HD channels that were clear OTA I reverted
to the fixes branch and my hdhomerun as checking the cahnenl and
restarting the backend became a nuisance.



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