[mythtv-users] Intro---

Chuck Needham thatguy at 2bitstudio.com
Tue Jan 1 03:50:14 UTC 2008

Greetings.. new here.. and new to unix based stuff in general (the 
closest was using my Amiga 1000 desktop years ago)

I've been running MediaMonkey on a used/rebuilt laptop for a couple 
years with my CD collection (an a exteranl usb drive) hooked into my 
home theater system.. It's time I updated the system, so I opted to go 
with MythTV... probably install MythDora.

I'm just beginning to assemble my hardware list, trying to get as much 
bang for my buck as possible. I do have a quick question. I have always 
had separate system and data disks, but was wondering about going 
Compact Flash for my system. Since I'll probably have MySQL running on 
the system disk (CF) I wondered if the 4GB CF would be sufficient space 
for all that file handling. Or should I just nix it for a HDD. I was 
thinking, if the CF crapped out, I could do a quick swap with a 
duplicate CF to get up and running (can you tell I liked the Amiga OS on 
a chip solution?) I don't have many demands, other than it has to sound 
good and look good, and be virtually trouble free.

I will probably have the system limited to a single PVR-500 and later 
add an HD something-or-other. I will be getting most of my source from 
over-air broadcast (don't have cable) I really don't watch that much tv 
and will be archiving my DVDs and a few of my older Beta's and VHS's 
alongside my CDs (I don't condone piracy). My MythTV system will be 
networked with my XP workstation (used for graphics/animation work) and 
a broadband router to DSL.

My short list so far includes:

MoBo: MSI K9NGM3-FIH nVidia GeForce 7050 chipset (microATX)
CPU: Athlon 64 X2 5200 2.7GHz
Mem: MWave 4GB DDR2 667
IDEtoCF adapter/w 4GB Kingston CF (for system disk)
HDD: WD 500GB SATA2 (add another later)
DVDR: Lite On LH-20A1L-06 Superallwrite SATA Lightscribe
Tuner: WinTV PVR-500 MCE
Cordless Mouse/keyboard
Remote: StreamZap

I might add an EVGA 256P2-N541-T2 GeForce 7600GS if I think I need it 
bad enough.

Any comments and recommendations would be appreciated as I'm unsure of 
compatibility issues... point me to any archives that would help.



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